Sofia Wellesley and Goldman Sachs in Libya

A very well written article about the sort of thing the truly horible vulture-like Goldman Sachs gets up to in disintegrating countries when there are oil “deals” available. Nigeria, Angloa, Cameroon, Venezuela, Trinidad, Iraq, Iran if they could and all the rest. Thankfully, in a few years, this sort of corrupt and damaging nonsense might just be a thing of the past and these sorts of guys can crawl back into the woodwork.
The grand-daughter of the 8th Duke of Wellington, mentioned as the Libyan Gaddahfi Mr. Fix-It guy’s eye candy in the Goldmans piece, is obviously crooked, but looks great, is tall and has class. Never trust a book by it’s cover. Links to both Blair and Cameron – it stinks.
This was simply the best piece found which summed up this horrific Wellesley person. Links into the Blair money machine not good reading. The Libya Goldman article makes one realise the things that Blair was doing as “facilitator” and what the Clinton close ties with Goldman may imply. All part of the old ways of oil business yes, but very smelly indeed. Wellesley would have been 26 when the Libya LIA smoker would have been popping her 20 grand a trick, with a few petrodollars more for specials. Maybe more. She is a top class bird. Like something out of The Nightwatchman arms dealing series with T Hiddlestone. It all stinks badly, but then if you have ever smelled fresh oil spill, so does crude
By the way, I just do not believe that even The Daily Mail could possibly have a “journalist” called Sebastian Shakespeare. He is on Twitter, listed as the Mail’s “Diary Editor”, whatever that is. The Mail is a unique and twisted phenomenon, which mirrors it’s readers I suppose so is a major reason for a lot of ongoing problems about attitudes in Britain…..
SebastianShakespeare (@sebshakespeare)

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