Cameron’s BREXIT Folly

Many people who voted “Leave” were voting about a) Refugees from the civil war in Syria and Iraq primarily caused by the US/UK invasion of Iraq which cost so much in lives and money; b) Turkish membership: not likely to join the EU and c) refugees yet again. Many voters appear to have been extremely unaware of what they were actually voting about.

The result was an unmitigated disaster for Britain, the ramifications and consequences of which will take years to unravel. Economically and politically it was the wrong thing to do. Blaming anyone other than Mr. Cameron and voters themselves is ludicrous.

The people of Britain were voting on whether of not it should leave the European Union, not about refugees crossing Turkey. Voters were severely misled into believing this was about “Taking back our borders” and “Taking control of our country”. This was nonsense and lies were told on an almost industrial scale.

This was all about David Cameron’s party, his cowardice and the severe abrogation of government responsibilities. It has been about the Tory Party and it’s rabid right wing. It is as simple as that. What a waste of time and effort it has all been. The lightweight Cameron shall go down in history for this, one way or another and not in a good way.

This pointless exercise in hot air blowing which has lasted months should never, ever have been called to stave off narrow-minded backward looking extremists inside one single political party. Just imagine how much time has been wasted by people who could have been doing productive and positive things rather than generating all the almost pointless hatred and divisiveness which will go on and on.

As Richard Dawkins wrote a few days before the vote: “Whichever way the populist wind blows on 23rd June, Cameron should be held to account for his irresponsible gamble: recklessly playing Russian Roulette with our future”.

Yes, I think he might.


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