Awards Ceremony From FIFA’s Seth Bladder

Seth Bladder, President of the World Galactic Crime and Corruption Confederation, speaking yesterday at his annual address to fellow gangsters and corporate sponsors in Gstaad and by SATNAV to Credit Suisse. Accompanied by an electrically powered Princess Galbandian of the 4th Cluster, on wheels (glide—–stop), Bladd said “We shall have GOLD and the 2030 World Cup will be held in [dramatic crap pause]…opens Tungsten envelope…The People’s Republic of Kazakhstan at President Bungodiava’s country military base in the Zvevdovian Mountains. Thank you and goodnight. That will be One Million Dollars in used 10 Year Treasury Bonds SVP”. Loudhailer: “BLADDER! Drop it punk! Youse is fired Bladder, get in this Security Aircraft and say goodnight buddy” [Identikit FBI dudes rush on stage and Princess opens fire with laser beam tit guns – PTCHOO…PTCHAW! Heavy casualties, Bladder escapes down hole in stage…Cont.Ep. 94, the one where Bladder inveigles the United Nations basketball team.



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