Daily Mail Climate Rubbish Journalism

I became a little angry at this recycled journalistic rubbish as Viscount Ridley and the little UKIP man James Delingpole have been stirring things up again on Twitter and in the right wing press ahead of the 23rd September 2014 climate summit. They are preaching to the converted. What started things off was some surprising news from The University of Guelph reported by someone called Victoria Woolaston on September 2nd 2014 in the UK Daily Mail, as reported by Reuters and posted on Mail Online:


Well blow me down! So that’s alright then. What a relief. Good Grief (1)

Frankly it’s just not funny at all that a previously serious if somewhat right wing mainstream newspaper like The Daily Mail can employ people to reproduce this nonesense without sub-editors and editors able to check it out. But wait! Victoria Woolaston is in fact some sort of Editor, albeit a fairly inexperienced one. That newspaper is still read by many and Mail Online is extremely popular. Even I can see that green flatline is silly. I knew how to do a thing called basic arithmetic linear regression using a pencil and a slide rule in 1975.

But the man is supposedly an economist at some obscure university in Ontario, a paid up member of Benny Peiser’s Global Warming Policy Foundation [http://www.thegwpf.org] and an evangelical Cornwall signatory. Despite what we know of the oil and coal industries activities, it is still quite astonishing to me even now that something calling itself a serious news organisation should peddle such rubbish:.


I think the Daily Mail has regularly and stupidly overstepped the mark so many times now on this and other issues, it is no wonder that it is regarded as a running joke with serious individuals and researchers.

James Delingpole resigned from the UK mainstream recently and now works for a Tea Partyish news-gathering thing called Breitbart.com, but clearly still thinks he is as funny as ever:


Good Grief (2).

The use of words such as GLOBAL – SURFACE – DEEP and PLANET are all completely mixed up and misrepresented deliberately in all kinds of “articles”.

Thankfully organisations like the US Army Corps of Engineers are working to mitigate against global warming effects in the future all over the place. It is quite surprising that the US Defense people accepted this was all happening a long time ago, but they did without too much of a a murmur. I suppose they understand these things a little better than self-centred blaggards like Delingpole.

I do wish sideliners like Ridley and Delingpole would just shut up and go away and continue to do nothing or at least put forward more reasonable arguments about alternatives rather than just continually bickering on about the coherent, comprehensive findings of 97% of the global scientific community. It is all such a waste of their time and they are not stupid men. I am sure they are very balanced reasonable lovely caring people who have the well-being of humanity at heart, but It’s almost like intellectual pollution at times and the smell is horrible. I suppose it is a side effect of a freely available internet and following them on Twitter in order to get the “balanced view”.

I forgot to add, the evangelical creationist in Ontario used one of the datasets known as HADCRUT4G to show his green flat line. Anyone can see the overall trend when plotted correctly. What goes on in these people’s heads apart from forcing their brains to lie to their egos in order to justify their slanted beliefs? What will happen when they find out they are wrong?


Here are some details about the marvellous “Vicky” Woolaston who appears to be, somewhat ludicrously, the Deputy Science and Technology Editor at Mail Online:

Barry Chuckle Fan. Baking. Photoshop. Dogs in Clothes.


BA Multi Media Journalism 2004 – 2007


The Mail online UK Science and Technology Editor?


You could not make it up if you tried very, very hard, honestly.

There is little point in writing letters or emails or anything else to the Mail Online, they just get ignored of course, but this “journalism” is absolutely beyond the pale, but of course is read by many and taken as truth.

Chris Golightly

Dr.C.R. Golightly, BSc, MSc, PhD, MICE, FGS.

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You Pay for a Site Investigation – Whether You do One or Not”– Cole et al, 1991.

“Ignore The Geology at Your Peril” – Prof. John Burland, Imperial College.


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