Message From Bilberry Chair Being

Dear Earthlings,

It has been brought to our attention that a certain amount of unpleasantness has developed on your “planet” in recent millenia vis-à-vis what you presently refer to as “religion”. Let us not get into seasonal “religious” greetings related to local tribal customs and so on. That might get a little contentious and is almost always counter-productive in a broad sense.

Unilateral/multilateral killing, terminations and slaughterings occasionally and unfortunately do happen, particularly where either primitive carbon or silica non-gaseous and pre-quantum lifeforms existing within temporal constraints are concerned. This squabbling is often over material resources, local energy supplies or sadly in the name of what many of you occasionally refer to as a single or multiple entity “God”, amongst other labels used throughout the illusion of eternity. These occurrences are really just absolutely not on and must cease forthwith.

After some deliberation, it is the considered the opinion of the majority of Central Advisory Council members, that this type of unpleasantness is usually not advisable in the long term (> 10 of your particular solar years), in both structural development and evolutionary contexts and at the present stage of your expected timeline development.

Due to a slight oversight in long term planning, the controlling overall conscious quantum numinous neural network, at present known within our several levels of management committees as “The Mind”), has rather a lot on generally speaking at this time, is fairly pissed off and does not particularly want to have to deal with this minor annoyance.

You may or may not be aware that there are currently more than the usual number of various universes and multiverses to “run” and/or monitor depending upon their stages of evolutionary development. Further, there is a perceived excess of developed entities which have been reported as having arrived at critical junctures.

This type of nonsense is therefore becoming generally frowned upon in any case, particularly where your small planet (X-650.dko12.TW-564.325.8977) appears to be threatened by the commonly observed twin problems seen throughout most spatially constricted early stage carbon entities of high population numbers and excessive and exponentially increasing levels of gaseous poisonous effluent. This is often known colloquially in these circles as “organics shitting their own beds again”.

We strongly advise that you bring the currently developing scenario to an acceptable control status at as early a stage as is feasibly possible. If this does not occur within the required locally developed time-frame, certain proactive software alterations and restricting actions may be required under sub-section 12.14 (b) of the Articles of Universal Planetary Existence as agreed at the Central Belt Meeting of August 12th 1090.19282 attended by quorate group, on SNADGE-c12X during the Cyclidean Conferences.

Yours Sincerely,

Chair Being Messenger 21-C

Universe X-650 Central Advisory Council

42 Acacia Avenue

Western Belt

Pleidian Swarms

Central Belt Galaxy No. 564.325bilberry


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