Sofia Wellesley and Goldman Sachs in Libya

A very well written article about the sort of thing the truly horible vulture-like Goldman Sachs gets up to in disintegrating countries when there are oil “deals” available. Nigeria, Angloa, Cameroon, Venezuela, Trinidad, Iraq, Iran if they could and all the rest. Thankfully, in a few years, this sort of corrupt and damaging nonsense might just be a thing of the past and these sorts of guys can crawl back into the woodwork.
The grand-daughter of the 8th Duke of Wellington, mentioned as the Libyan Gaddahfi Mr. Fix-It guy’s eye candy in the Goldmans piece, is obviously crooked, but looks great, is tall and has class. Never trust a book by it’s cover. Links to both Blair and Cameron – it stinks.
This was simply the best piece found which summed up this horrific Wellesley person. Links into the Blair money machine not good reading. The Libya Goldman article makes one realise the things that Blair was doing as “facilitator” and what the Clinton close ties with Goldman may imply. All part of the old ways of oil business yes, but very smelly indeed. Wellesley would have been 26 when the Libya LIA smoker would have been popping her 20 grand a trick, with a few petrodollars more for specials. Maybe more. She is a top class bird. Like something out of The Nightwatchman arms dealing series with T Hiddlestone. It all stinks badly, but then if you have ever smelled fresh oil spill, so does crude
By the way, I just do not believe that even The Daily Mail could possibly have a “journalist” called Sebastian Shakespeare. He is on Twitter, listed as the Mail’s “Diary Editor”, whatever that is. The Mail is a unique and twisted phenomenon, which mirrors it’s readers I suppose so is a major reason for a lot of ongoing problems about attitudes in Britain…..
SebastianShakespeare (@sebshakespeare)

Cameron’s BREXIT Folly

Many people who voted “Leave” were voting about a) Refugees from the civil war in Syria and Iraq primarily caused by the US/UK invasion of Iraq which cost so much in lives and money; b) Turkish membership: not likely to join the EU and c) refugees yet again. Many voters appear to have been extremely unaware of what they were actually voting about.

The result was an unmitigated disaster for Britain, the ramifications and consequences of which will take years to unravel. Economically and politically it was the wrong thing to do. Blaming anyone other than Mr. Cameron and voters themselves is ludicrous.

The people of Britain were voting on whether of not it should leave the European Union, not about refugees crossing Turkey. Voters were severely misled into believing this was about “Taking back our borders” and “Taking control of our country”. This was nonsense and lies were told on an almost industrial scale.

This was all about David Cameron’s party, his cowardice and the severe abrogation of government responsibilities. It has been about the Tory Party and it’s rabid right wing. It is as simple as that. What a waste of time and effort it has all been. The lightweight Cameron shall go down in history for this, one way or another and not in a good way.

This pointless exercise in hot air blowing which has lasted months should never, ever have been called to stave off narrow-minded backward looking extremists inside one single political party. Just imagine how much time has been wasted by people who could have been doing productive and positive things rather than generating all the almost pointless hatred and divisiveness which will go on and on.

As Richard Dawkins wrote a few days before the vote: “Whichever way the populist wind blows on 23rd June, Cameron should be held to account for his irresponsible gamble: recklessly playing Russian Roulette with our future”.

Yes, I think he might.

Awards Ceremony From FIFA’s Seth Bladder

Seth Bladder, President of the World Galactic Crime and Corruption Confederation, speaking yesterday at his annual address to fellow gangsters and corporate sponsors in Gstaad and by SATNAV to Credit Suisse. Accompanied by an electrically powered Princess Galbandian of the 4th Cluster, on wheels (glide—–stop), Bladd said “We shall have GOLD and the 2030 World Cup will be held in [dramatic crap pause]…opens Tungsten envelope…The People’s Republic of Kazakhstan at President Bungodiava’s country military base in the Zvevdovian Mountains. Thank you and goodnight. That will be One Million Dollars in used 10 Year Treasury Bonds SVP”. Loudhailer: “BLADDER! Drop it punk! Youse is fired Bladder, get in this Security Aircraft and say goodnight buddy” [Identikit FBI dudes rush on stage and Princess opens fire with laser beam tit guns – PTCHOO…PTCHAW! Heavy casualties, Bladder escapes down hole in stage…Cont.Ep. 94, the one where Bladder inveigles the United Nations basketball team.


Daily Mail Climate Rubbish Journalism

I became a little angry at this recycled journalistic rubbish as Viscount Ridley and the little UKIP man James Delingpole have been stirring things up again on Twitter and in the right wing press ahead of the 23rd September 2014 climate summit. They are preaching to the converted. What started things off was some surprising news from The University of Guelph reported by someone called Victoria Woolaston on September 2nd 2014 in the UK Daily Mail, as reported by Reuters and posted on Mail Online:

Well blow me down! So that’s alright then. What a relief. Good Grief (1)

Frankly it’s just not funny at all that a previously serious if somewhat right wing mainstream newspaper like The Daily Mail can employ people to reproduce this nonesense without sub-editors and editors able to check it out. But wait! Victoria Woolaston is in fact some sort of Editor, albeit a fairly inexperienced one. That newspaper is still read by many and Mail Online is extremely popular. Even I can see that green flatline is silly. I knew how to do a thing called basic arithmetic linear regression using a pencil and a slide rule in 1975.

But the man is supposedly an economist at some obscure university in Ontario, a paid up member of Benny Peiser’s Global Warming Policy Foundation [] and an evangelical Cornwall signatory. Despite what we know of the oil and coal industries activities, it is still quite astonishing to me even now that something calling itself a serious news organisation should peddle such rubbish:.

I think the Daily Mail has regularly and stupidly overstepped the mark so many times now on this and other issues, it is no wonder that it is regarded as a running joke with serious individuals and researchers.

James Delingpole resigned from the UK mainstream recently and now works for a Tea Partyish news-gathering thing called, but clearly still thinks he is as funny as ever:

Good Grief (2).

The use of words such as GLOBAL – SURFACE – DEEP and PLANET are all completely mixed up and misrepresented deliberately in all kinds of “articles”.

Thankfully organisations like the US Army Corps of Engineers are working to mitigate against global warming effects in the future all over the place. It is quite surprising that the US Defense people accepted this was all happening a long time ago, but they did without too much of a a murmur. I suppose they understand these things a little better than self-centred blaggards like Delingpole.

I do wish sideliners like Ridley and Delingpole would just shut up and go away and continue to do nothing or at least put forward more reasonable arguments about alternatives rather than just continually bickering on about the coherent, comprehensive findings of 97% of the global scientific community. It is all such a waste of their time and they are not stupid men. I am sure they are very balanced reasonable lovely caring people who have the well-being of humanity at heart, but It’s almost like intellectual pollution at times and the smell is horrible. I suppose it is a side effect of a freely available internet and following them on Twitter in order to get the “balanced view”.

I forgot to add, the evangelical creationist in Ontario used one of the datasets known as HADCRUT4G to show his green flat line. Anyone can see the overall trend when plotted correctly. What goes on in these people’s heads apart from forcing their brains to lie to their egos in order to justify their slanted beliefs? What will happen when they find out they are wrong?

Here are some details about the marvellous “Vicky” Woolaston who appears to be, somewhat ludicrously, the Deputy Science and Technology Editor at Mail Online:

Barry Chuckle Fan. Baking. Photoshop. Dogs in Clothes.

BA Multi Media Journalism 2004 – 2007

The Mail online UK Science and Technology Editor?

You could not make it up if you tried very, very hard, honestly.

There is little point in writing letters or emails or anything else to the Mail Online, they just get ignored of course, but this “journalism” is absolutely beyond the pale, but of course is read by many and taken as truth.

Chris Golightly

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You Pay for a Site Investigation – Whether You do One or Not”– Cole et al, 1991.

“Ignore The Geology at Your Peril” – Prof. John Burland, Imperial College.

Message From Bilberry Chair Being

Dear Earthlings,

It has been brought to our attention that a certain amount of unpleasantness has developed on your “planet” in recent millenia vis-à-vis what you presently refer to as “religion”. Let us not get into seasonal “religious” greetings related to local tribal customs and so on. That might get a little contentious and is almost always counter-productive in a broad sense.

Unilateral/multilateral killing, terminations and slaughterings occasionally and unfortunately do happen, particularly where either primitive carbon or silica non-gaseous and pre-quantum lifeforms existing within temporal constraints are concerned. This squabbling is often over material resources, local energy supplies or sadly in the name of what many of you occasionally refer to as a single or multiple entity “God”, amongst other labels used throughout the illusion of eternity. These occurrences are really just absolutely not on and must cease forthwith.

After some deliberation, it is the considered the opinion of the majority of Central Advisory Council members, that this type of unpleasantness is usually not advisable in the long term (> 10 of your particular solar years), in both structural development and evolutionary contexts and at the present stage of your expected timeline development.

Due to a slight oversight in long term planning, the controlling overall conscious quantum numinous neural network, at present known within our several levels of management committees as “The Mind”), has rather a lot on generally speaking at this time, is fairly pissed off and does not particularly want to have to deal with this minor annoyance.

You may or may not be aware that there are currently more than the usual number of various universes and multiverses to “run” and/or monitor depending upon their stages of evolutionary development. Further, there is a perceived excess of developed entities which have been reported as having arrived at critical junctures.

This type of nonsense is therefore becoming generally frowned upon in any case, particularly where your small planet (X-650.dko12.TW-564.325.8977) appears to be threatened by the commonly observed twin problems seen throughout most spatially constricted early stage carbon entities of high population numbers and excessive and exponentially increasing levels of gaseous poisonous effluent. This is often known colloquially in these circles as “organics shitting their own beds again”.

We strongly advise that you bring the currently developing scenario to an acceptable control status at as early a stage as is feasibly possible. If this does not occur within the required locally developed time-frame, certain proactive software alterations and restricting actions may be required under sub-section 12.14 (b) of the Articles of Universal Planetary Existence as agreed at the Central Belt Meeting of August 12th 1090.19282 attended by quorate group, on SNADGE-c12X during the Cyclidean Conferences.

Yours Sincerely,

Chair Being Messenger 21-C

Universe X-650 Central Advisory Council

42 Acacia Avenue

Western Belt

Pleidian Swarms

Central Belt Galaxy No. 564.325bilberry

Bilberry 2015 Predictions


  1. X will Invade Y using Drone scooters for their Castrol reserves and it Will Cost LOADS of Trillions and end up being WORTHLESS.
  2. ISIS-ISIL-OSIS-ARSIL will upgrade corporate image with new flag showing the word “HOT SNATS” written in Arabic, but in Monkey’s Blood.
  3. Samsung bring out new 7G iphone copy which makes virtual 3-D printed cheese toasties with Google add-on Tumblr App.
  4. Hartlepool United relegated to The Snooker and turned into LIDL warehouses while Premiership is bought by Chinese Uranium Corp.
  5. Subpoena served for “Music Abuse” on Sir Cliff Richards by Guardia Civil on the roof of his pink unused Malaga tennis courts – twice.
  6. ANT and DEC merge reverse Siamese twin-wise to become prime time BBC 5 series: “I’m Dead, At Least I Do Not Have To Watch This Shite”.
  7. Deep seated reserves of frozen Cremola Foam found on Mars has Scientists at NASA “very excited” and buying new condos in San Diego.
  8. World record when every programme on a BBC channel is about cooking TASTY HOT SNACKS, or Celebrity IRONING from 18:00 to 24:00.
  9. Vlad “Butchski” Putin has photo-montage in Pravda showing him stroking pair of Siberian Tundra Bears with greased tank barrel – in SIXXY VYE-fronds baby-babski.
  10. George W. Bush found working in hardware store in Biloxi, calling himself “Barry McClean” with 4.5 Billion USD stashed in downtown garage.